Hospital Emergency Department

To whom it may concern,


Annette Barlow was engaged to provide murals to the Hospital Emergency Department during 2004. Annette’s work was of a very high standard and remains in good condition to this day.

Annette’s consultative approach to her work ensured that the staff felt that they were involved in the process and requests for inclusions in the work were considered at all times.

Annette was often required to work in very confined spaces and had to move quickly when asked. This was never a problem for Annette.

The staff and patients remain impressed with the quality of the work and I would recommend Annette for this type of work anytime.




Dear Annette,

You are thought of a lot for being warm and generous and for simply being you.

The Murals are wonderful, you are so very gifted and talented.


Ward Nurse


To Dear sweet Annette,

How can we possibly thank you enough for the beautiful mural you created in our home. It is a masterpiece  and we will treasure it forever.

You are a wonderful warm and loving person.
Hugs and love

F and G

Dr S

To whom it may concern,

Our School has invited Annette Barlow of Mural Art to present a proposal for the installation of a trompe l’oeil architectural mural located in the board room of the administration building. Annette brings extensive experience and indisputable expertise in the genre of photo realistic painting that has been recognised not only in the field of public art within major institutions, but also in private residences and, notably, within the wider contemporary arts community.

The visual evidence presented as a component of this proposal details her expertise in effecting a sophisticated end result. As a visual artist working with both oil and acrylic on canvas, Annette has been invited to exhibit in significant curated exhibitions in Sydney, and has been included in collections at major commercial art galleries. Her artistic expertise is recognized with works included in private collections both nationally and internationally. The artworks produced for, and included in, the contemporary art world assure the longevity of her reputation.

Annette is also recognised as a significant portrait artist and has completed many oils on canvas in this genre for private commissions.

The artistic integrity presented by Annette Barlow assures her clients of a professional and creative artwork for future generations to appreciate. The installation of a large format photo realistic mural at the School also provides the students with evidence of the creative process and the quality of work that is exceptional in our society.

Sincerely yours,

Dr S PhD, BA honours, Bachelor of Fine Art

An appreciative client

Hi Annette,

I am admiring your beautiful mural in the paediatrics unit in the garden at Hospital.

I am a lover of nature/fresh air and gardens. After being in here since emergency on Saturday – 4 days with my daughter – doing a lot of waiting, I was thrilled when the nurse said my daughter couldn’t leave the ward – but there is a garden beside the playroom.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know your mural is beautiful. We love it !!